This procedure is used whenever you need to add a new user (staff or student) to Classworks.

Create a New User

1) Click on the drop-down menu and select the Administration page. 

2) Click on the Users sub-tab.

3) Click the Create New User button at bottom of page.

4) The default Type setting for a new user is Student. You can use the drop-down box to choose between Student or Staff.

New Student User

Follow steps 1-4 above.

5) Fill in the following required fields: 

  • First and last name 
  • Username (must be unique for each user) 
  • District ID (a unique district ID is required for each user - typically the state testing ID number) 
  • Grade 
  • Password is REQUIRED 
  • Ethnicity, gender, date of birth and demographics are optional 
  • Student resources are defaulted on. Uncheck any resource(s) you do not want the student to access. (See job aid 1.4- Orient Students or click the ? for more information) 
  • (Optional) Integrated Reading audio is enabled by default. You can uncheck it, if you wish. 

6) Add user to a Group.

7) Click on the Save button.

New Staff User

Follow steps 1-4 above.

5) The following fields are required: 

  • First and last name 
  • District ID, Password, & Username (District ID & Username must be unique for each user) 
  • User must be added to a group 
  • Email address

6) Set a Password: 

  • Click on the Set Password button. 
  • Enter a password (it must be a minimum of 6 characters and is case sensitive). 
  • Click Save.

7) Add the user to the correct Group. 

  • Click on + add new. The Add user to Groups screen will display. 
  • Locate the school where you want to add a user. 
  • Click the + to expand the list to see the list of possible groups. 
  • Put a check in the box of the group you want to add. 
  • When finished, click the Add button. 
  • The new group will be listed in the Groups box. 

Note: When users are enrolled in Classworks, they must be placed in the proper group. Group membership determines which tasks can be performed within Classworks. Staff users are entered into a district group or a school group. District level groups have access to all schools within the district. School level groups have access to a particular school. Students have one group – a school level student group.

8) Click on the Save button.

Views Based on Permission Level

District Administrator/Superintendent View 

District Administrators have access to all schools in the district. Only users with District Administration or Superintendent rights have the ability to share instruction and assessments district-wide, disable courseware district-wide, customize messages, enter district grading periods/testing window dates, create custom groups, and import or export data from the Administration tab.

Site Administrator/Principal View 

Site Administrators only have access to their school. They have the ability to manage users and classes within their school.

Lab Manager View 

Users in the lab manager group have the ability to manage classes within their school from the Administration > Classes sub-tab. They do not have the ability to add/remove/disable/enable users.

Teacher View 

Teachers do not have access to the Administration tab. They only have access to their classes and classes they have been given permission to edit/view.

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