When the student launches some instructional content, a plugin icon in a box, blank white or black screen is displayed. The Flash Player for the student is not enabled in the browser.

Follow the directions below depending on your current browser.

Google Chrome

Manage Flash in Site settings

In the address bar click on the lock icon. Look for the Flash plugin and select Always allow on this site.

Manage Flash by policy

A district that has implemented and manage devices using Google Suite for Education can enable flash by a policy. The Google Admin can enable policy in the G Suite. Log into Google Apps Console as an administrator. Click on Apps - G Suite - Settings for Chrome Management and click on Advanced settings. Look for the option to Enabled Plugins. In the box type:


*Adobe Flash*

*Adobe Flash Player*

Then click Save.

To check Flash Player in other browsers such as Firefox or Edge visit

Mozilla Firefox

On the menu bar, select Tools, and Add-ons.

Select Plugins. In the list of Add-ons, look for Shockwave Flash and select “Always Activate.” Then close the dialog box.


Microsoft Edge

Click the "..." button at the top right corner to access the Edge menu.

Select the Settings menu item. Scroll down to the Advanced Settings section and click the View advanced settings button. Locate the Use Adobe Flash Player section and toggle the switch on to enable Adobe Flash Player.

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